Candle Care FAQs

Essential Tips for a Better Burn

Itty Bitty Blazes all-natural soy wax blend candles offer a beautiful sensory experience while being kind to your well-being and the environment. This FAQ page is your one-stop shop for everything soy wax candles. All your burning questions (pun intended!), big or small, from first-time burning tips and wick trimming to the science behind soy wax, will be answered.

Curious about maximizing your candle's life? Wondering if essential oils are safe for pets? Want to know why soy wax candles with essential oils cost a bit more? Dive in and discover the joy of Itty Bitty Blazes soy wax blend candles!

What is the most important thing to remember when enjoying a lit candle?

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Enjoy your all-natural soy blend candle safely and responsibly!

Remember, following these simple guidelines will help you get the most out of your Itty Bitty Blazes essential oil soy candle while ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for everyone around you.



Stephanie Radulski

Meet the Candle Artisan

Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie! My quest for affordable, quality, all-natural candles became a passion project that turned into the launch of Itty Bitty Blazes. I now enjoy handcrafting eco-friendly candles so that you can enjoy beautiful scents in your personal space without the worry of harmful ingredients.  
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